5/11 + 5/18 Friday Wrap Ups!

5/11 + 5/18 Friday Wrap Ups!

Phew! The last few weeks have been hectic at Handzy!

Last Friday we were so busy preparing and packing for Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago that we just didn't get around to writing our weekly wrap up and you know what—that's ok!

new notepads.jpg

After some stressful back and fourth with our printer leading up to Renegade all of our new notepads and prints were ready and packaged in time to head north with us! We even received our pin collaboration with Leigh Ellexson in the mail the day we left! We hope you are as excited as we are about the expansion of our product line. 

P.S. We've got another collaboration in the works and we are close to being able to share it with you. We seriously can't wait!

Photo May 13, 11 11 37 AM.jpg

We somehow managed to fit all of our inventory, our new yellow tent and three adult humans in Brittney's Honda Fit. Brittney is seriously a packing mastermind! We made the 4.5 hour drive to Chicago Friday night straight from the shop—it was a long day. We got in late, woke up early the next day and headed straight to Pilsen for the fair! Well, I shouldn't say straight there—we stopped at Beans & Bagels for coffee and fuel in the form of carbs/caffeine! Yum. Honestly, it was cold and rainy and a bit of a bummer the first day. We were glad our new tent has walls and we tried our best to stay warm and positive. It was hard going from 88 degrees in Covington to 48 degrees in Chicago! Luckily on Sunday the sun came out, it was warmer and things were better and brighter. We met tons of new people and are glad we made the trip for our first out-of-town craft fair! Stay tuned for the vlog! 

This week we've been playing catchup on some client work in the studio. Some projects we've been working on include a brand refresh for a yoga studio, a wedding invitation suite for a couple getting married in Brazil, a packaging design project that we can't say much about, and a new website design for our personal trainer! A lot of people don't realize how much of our business/day-to-day work is graphic design but that's a lot of what we do!

On Wednesday we both got our haircut at Greenline Salon and we are feeling fresh and new in conjunction with the new moon! We both went way shorter for summer! Today we are spending some time preparing and packing for the first City Flea of the season. We pretty much pack up our entire shop and move it to Washington Park! If you're local you should definitely come check it out. You won't miss us in our new yellow tent! We are crossing our fingers that the weather forecast is wrong and that the predicted thunderstorms pass right on by.

If you read this update thanks for keeping up with the Handzy news! We appreciate you and we'll be back with more next Friday!


5/4 Friday Wrap Up!

5/4 Friday Wrap Up!