Adulting 101

Adulting 101

Do you need to get it together? I've been there—and I want to help!

The last few years I've really been trying to get it together and be a better adult/human in general. I'm here on the blog to share what I've learned with you! I can't claim to have all of the answers (yet) and I still have a long list of goals I've yet to accomplish BUT I have learned lots along the way. My hope is that you will relate to something I write here or that I might help you, even in a small way, to take control of your own life!

When it comes to being an adult, your parents and teachers are supposed to show you how. The problem is that not all parents are great at being adults and not all teachers impart on you the skills that you will need to thrive in life post high school/college. I am not trying to say that my parents are bad at parenting or that I had terrible teachers in school! Adult role models are people too and they are still learning/becoming better humans daily! This is proof that being on-top-of it is an ongoing process that—from what I can tell—lasts pretty much forever. Even though my parents raised me to be an accountable, independent woman there are some subjects such as goal-setting, health, and finance (to name a few) that I somehow missed on my way up to being in my late twenties.

So how did I start getting it together!? The first thing I did was learn about goal-setting. I wrote a whole blog post about that last year so CLICK HERE if you missed that post. If you aren't already setting goals start there!

The moment I started setting goals, writing them down and keeping myself accountable was the instant I started achieving them (crazy I know). My first goals were financial because that was my biggest area of struggle. I was living paycheck to paycheck, in deep dark credit card debt (not to mention my student loans which I honestly have yet to figure out) and blowing cash without a plan.

The first goal I set was to start saving some money. I made a Google spreadsheet with all of my expenses and figured out how much of my income I needed to set aside for things like rent, insurance, utilities, and groceries. When I saw how much was leftover I chose a small amount to save each paycheck (pretty sure I started at $25) and made it a habit to move that money into my savings account every time I got paid. It might seem small, but that was a huge step in the right direction for me. I watched the dollar amount in my savings account slowly rise and I was hooked on setting goals.

My first BIG goal to pay off my credit card debt. This one felt impossible so I broke it down into smaller steps. I figured out how much I owed, divided it by 12 and made it a priority to get rid of it in a year. That was a HARD one to achieve but I knew it had to be done if I wanted to achieve other financial goals in the future (like saving for retirement or devising a plan to tackle those student loans). 

The point is—just start somewhere! Start small, start with one goal, start with a fun goal ... it doesn't matter where you begin. Just START!

A few days ago I was researching phone applications for a client project the studio is working on. In my research I found some super helpful apps that I began using personally to stay organized! I was honestly maybe a bit too excited about discovering these apps and that excitement was the inspiration behind this whole post! That being said, here is a list of the apps that I use both at work and in general to keep my brain from running wild with sporadic thoughts! 

I use Dollarbid for keeping track of my checking account balance, pay days and upcoming bills. In this app you track your spending manually which helps me be conscientious of when I am spending money and where it is going. The calendar view helps me to visualize my money in a whole new way!

Strides helps me to track progress on my goals daily. Each year I make a big long list of goals and with strides, each day I can check off if I've accomplished it that day or not. This helps mostly with small habits for me like drinking enough water, do my night routine or read my book before bed!

This one is kind of random but Clue is by far the best period tracking app I have come across. It has a beautiful user interface and makes it easy to track as much or as little as you want to about your period. It's useful to learn about your personal cycle and the app gets smarter with every entry. 

I just started using Digit but this is such a simple way to save money without even thinking about it. Digit analyzes your spending habits and pulls small amounts of money from your checking account that you won't even notice is gone! Even though I already save money I thought a little extra couldn't hurt!

Wunderlist is an app that we started using to track literally everything in our business and personal life. We share our to-do list so that we always have a view of what's going on for the day, week or farther into the future! It's easy to make small lists and folders for lists to keep things very organized!



The reminders app is probably my most used app on my phone. I changed my Siri to have the voice of an Australian man so that probably helps too. If I'm somewhere where I don't have access to Wunderlist or I want to make sure I do something later I just tell Siri to throw it on my reminders list with a timestamp!

What are some of your goals this year? What are your tips to accomplishing them? Do you have any apps that help you stay on track? We'd love to hear from you!



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