Brittney's Living Room

Brittney's Living Room

Hey friends—Brittney here! So it's been a while since I've shared any progress on our house! We closed and moved in December 2017, but it has definitely taken some time to settle in and actually start the projects I had planned. We have finally made some progress and I'm excited to share some snaps from our living room!

First, a before photo!

living room before

And now, my Pinterest inspiration photo!

Click for Pinterest link!

Click for Pinterest link!

And my super rough mockup!

Quick lil mockup made in illustrator

Quick lil mockup made in illustrator

Laying things out roughly like this has been so helpful in determining my color palettes and it lets me plan without actually moving a bunch of stuff around or painting any walls first. It just helps me visualize the different parts + pieces of the room and come up with a game plan before I get started! This room was pretty easy because we already owned all of the furniture (except the rug) so I kind of knew what I had to work with.

And finally, how it turned out!!!! (And by "turned out" I mean how it looks now/so far/also somewhat unstyled because I'm not a professional interior designer or decorator and my house isn't always clean and perfect and these kind of things are never really DONE DONE but hey it looks pretty good to me!!)

living room gallery wall handzy

I am so so so so so in love with our green wall. We are typically very bright and lively with our decorating, and we usually just keep the walls white, but in our new home we made the goal to HAVE MORE FUN with our painting and decorating! Plus, it's our house so we don't even have to ask permission to paint the walls! Heck yeah!

Anyway, instead of picking a super bright and saturated color, we went with a darker moodier green for the accent wall and I really love how it pairs with our yellow metal record cabinet and the red/orange chair in the corner. Honestly, the green wall even looks a bit brighter in these photos because of the light coming through the windows. I love the graphic black + white striped rug, and how the dark green wall contrasts with the bright white fireplace + adjacent walls. Basically, I just love it!

Also, when my mom saw it, she said "oh my gosh! Is forest green coming back in style?!" and that really cracked me up!

living room books and plants

My dad passed away in December and I got this coffee table from him. He made it himself when he was younger—around the time when my parents got married I think—and he still had it and used it everyday, so it had a LOT of wear and tear. So then when I got it, my husband stripped it down and refinished it so now it looks just like when my dad first made it :) I love it so much!

Also, this orange metal side table was a gift from my mother-in-law and it fits perfectly with the palette I picked for this room! 

brittney's living room 3 lo.jpg

This plant stand came from an antique mall in my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio and I am obsessed. It's a bright limey green that I don't particularly love, but I kind of like how it plays with the other colors in this room! PS Don't look too close because all of the plants look really sad and weepy.....

Also, this orange chair is something that my husband picked out and bought for me very early on in our dating! It's actually an outdoor patio piece I think, but I love using it indoors!

brittney's living room 4 lo.jpg

The oval frame is a photo of my mama when she was a little girl! And the little green frame on the mantle is a stamp of Forest's paw print from when he was a lil baby!

brittney's living room 5 lo.jpg

This isn't really a long term solution for our photo albums, but it works for now. I love our albums and I hate to tuck them away on a shelf or in a drawer where I won't actually look at them, so for now they're in this basket (another great antique find that I picked up at City Flea a few years back!) and it encourages me to flip through them more often!

brittney's living room 6 lo.jpg

And finally, our painted staircase! This is a super crappy photo, but there's a wall at the bottom of the stairs so I don't really have any place to stand and get a good photo with nice lighting! Anyway, our staircase is so cute and we wanted to add a touch of playfulness with alternating color steps!

That's about it for now! Thanks for taking a look and I can't wait to share the other home projects we're working on! 

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