I bought a house (too)!!

I bought a house (too)!!

Hey again friends! Suzy here this time. As you may know, Brittney and her husband Sean recently purchased their first home (read more here) through the The Center For Great Neighborhoods (a local non-profit in the Covington area). Long story short, Brittney's move inspired me! I started to feel like purchasing a home was the right next step for me (and my partner Will) too!

We started our home search by reaching out to that same non-profit to find out if they had anymore upcoming home rehab projects down the line. Usually they are the ones renovating but they showed us a home that we could buy from them with the idea that we would fix it up ourselves. The house was in the location we wanted (did I mention it's like a block away from Brittney?) and it was the perfect size! After considering a few other options (we didn't want to just buy the first house we looked at!) we decided to go for it, buy this fixer upper and do it ourselves! Will is a wood-worker and I fancy myself a creative lady so we felt like we could handle it (it has already been so much harder and way more work than we could have even imagined haha). 

Figuring out the financing was a long process but after months of planning and dreaming the house was finally ours in April!

Take a look at some photos of the house as is/when we first got started!

The only way for this project to work in our budget was for us to move in and live there while we worked. The original floor plan of the house is shotgun style and the layout was kind of weird! After many iterations of how to rework it, we landed on a new layout!

Here are the floor plan drawings that Will drew up to submit for our building permit!





This new floor plan meant turning our current kitchen into our bedroom. We decided to start there (the back of the house) and move towards the front! Four months later and we are just nearing completion of the kitchen to bedroom transformation. We have been really lucky to have help from both of our families along the way too! 

Here are a few before/process photos!

And now, the (almost) finished bedroom! We're still working on some doors for the laundry closet and need to decorate but ... 


Even though it's taking a long time, we are having so much fun turning this little house into our home!

Stay tuned for more renovation updates! We've got a lot of work ahead of us yet! Next on the list is #demoday

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